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The Production Line

Xamin production line is one of the most important products and services. It receives Software packages as raw materials and builds the virtualization infrastructure and appliances. Software packages are placed by UMS system and forums or upstream projects like debian, mozilla, apache and many other open source projects in repository and have been built by “Builder Net” which is called “Builder”. Built packages are maintained in package repositories and Xamin platform will be ready to release and reversion by “Releaseing System”.

Appliance Market

An appliance is a lightweight Operating System (O.S) and services which is configured properly to install on Xamin Virtualization Infrastructure . The appliances are ready to use after installation without more configurations. For example, we can consider a package “Optimum Xamin O.S” and “Mediawiki” as a “mediawiki appliance” which is providies “Mediawiki” tools like managing documents, etc. Appliances provide many type of services like : Databases, Webserver, Firewalls, Mediawiki, Zimbra, LDAP

Xamin Server

The Xamin Server Virtualization Infrastructure (SVI), is a debian based GNU/Linux operating system for server functionality and it is one of the main components of xamin's echosystem. SVI will be installed directly on the server's baremetal and provide server virtualization feathears to users. beacause i386 architecture meets history in server architectures we choose amd64 as our default ond currently only architecture for xamin releases.

Xamin 1.2.1 released


We are proud to announce xamin sixth pubic release, xamin 1.2.1 with DENA code name came with great changes in security and performance, this release is based on debian jessie packages and SELinux is enabled on it, complete release notes has been prepared in release note wiki page . xamin ...